Here is an important reminder for Hazardous Waste Generators: beginning on September 1, 2021 (just a week away!), all Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) must “re-notify the Environmental Protection Agency of their hazardous waste activities every four years”. This means that some Generators, who have not previously been required to re-notify the EPA of their activities, are now required to do so on a 4 year schedule.

The September 1 date is the deadline for SQGs to re-notify the EPA of their hazardous waste activities, so any SQGs who have not submitted their re-notifications should do so immediately. The purpose of this re-notification process is to ensure that the EPA has up-to-date information on hazardous waste generators, and is not relying on potentially old, incorrect data.

If you would like more information, as well as resources and guidance on how to submit the form, follow this link to the EPA’s webpage about the rule: