Juan Catalán Robles

Keika Ventures, LLC Appoints New Environmental Engineer to Lead Project Sales in Chile and South America

Juan Catalan
Juan Catalán Robles

Durham, NC – Keika Ventures, LLC a leading environmental project aggregator and services provider, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Juan Catalán Robles as the head of projects for Chile and South America. With an impressive background in environmental engineering and a passion for sustainable solutions, Juan Catalan Robles brings a wealth of experience to Keika Ventures dedicated team.

In his new role, Juan Catalan Robles will oversee the planning, execution, and management of environmental projects across Chile and other South American countries. His expertise in environmental regulations, sustainable development, and innovative solutions will further strengthen Keika Ventures’ commitment to providing comprehensive environmental services to clients in the region.

“We are delighted to welcome Juan to our team as the leader of projects in Chile and South America,” said Keith Woofter, International Business Development Manager at Keika Ventures. “His extensive experience and expertise will be invaluable as we continue to expand our presence and deliver high-quality environmental solutions to our clients.”

Juan Catalan Robles holds a Degree in Engineering from Federico Santa Maria Technical University, and has 18 years of experience working in various environmental projects across different industries. His track record of success and dedication to environmental stewardship align perfectly with Keika Ventures values and mission.

“I am delighted to join Keika and contribute to its mission of servicing our clients in promoting clean air and water” said Juan Catalan Robles. “I have known and respected the team at Keika for many years. I look forward to leveraging my contacts and experience to continue to deliver services and solutions to our clients in Chile and South America.”

About Keika Ventures:

Keika Ventures was launched in 2001 as a project integrator with the mission of providing environmental products, analytical lab services, and compliance training. Our Products and Analytical Services Divisions are focused on international markets serving clients in over 100 countries across all seven continents. Our Products Division offers source testing equipment for air and water quality monitoring and a myriad of industrial hygiene applications worldwide. Our Analytical Services division provides clients with a single expert point of contact to an international lab network for testing and sampling services. Eduwhere, our online training division serves clients in all 50 states primarily covering compliance based health and safety courses. We train a broad base of clients including manufacturing, shipping, mining, university, healthcare and military personnel as well as independently owned small businesses.

For media inquiries or more information about Keika Ventures, LLC, please contact David Emmett at 919.246.4847 or david@keikaventures.com.

“I am delighted to join Keika and contribute to its mission of servicing our clients in promoting clean air and water.”

Juan Catalan Robles
Over 100 country flags spread over the world map.
Clients in over 100 countries spread across all 7 continents.

Keika Ventures, LLC nombra nuevo Ingeniero Ambiental para liderar ventas de proyectos en Chile y Sudamérica

Durham, NC – Keika Ventures, LLC, un destacado agregador de proyectos ambientales y proveedor de servicios, se complace en anunciar el nombramiento de Juan Catalán Robles como jefe de proyectos para Chile y América del Sur. Con su impresionante experiencia en ingeniería ambiental y una pasión por soluciones sostenibles, Juan Catalán Robles aporta una gran experiencia al dedicado equipo de Keika Ventures.

Juan Catalan
Juan Catalán Robles

En su nuevo cargo, Juan Catalán Robles supervisará la planificación, ejecución y gestión de proyectos ambientales en Chile y otros países de Sudamérica. Su experiencia en regulaciones ambientales, desarrollo sostenible y soluciones innovadoras fortalecerá aún más el compromiso de Keika Ventures en proporcionar servicios ambientales integrales a los clientes de la región.

“Estamos encantados de dar la bienvenida a Juan a nuestro equipo como líder de proyectos en Chile y Sudamérica”, dijo Keith Woofter, Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios Internacionales de Keika Ventures. “Sus amplios conocimientos y experiencia serán invaluables a medida que continuamos expandiendo nuestra presencia y ofreciendo soluciones ambientales de alta calidad a nuestros clientes”.

Juan Catalán Robles se egresa de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, con 18 años trabajando en diversos proyectos ambientales en diferentes industrias. Su historial de éxitos y dedicación a la gestión ambiental se alinean perfectamente con los valores y la misión de Keika Ventures.

“Estoy encantado de unirme a Keika y contribuir a su misión de servir a nuestros clientes en la promoción de aire y agua limpios”, dijo Juan Catalán Robles. “He conocido y respetado al equipo de Keika durante muchos años. Espero aprovechar mis contactos y experiencia para seguir brindando servicios y soluciones a nuestros clientes en Chile y Sudamérica”.

Acerca de Keika Ventures:

Keika Ventures comenzó en 2001 como un integrador de proyectos con la misión de proporcionar productos ambientales, servicios de análisis de laboratorio y capacitación en cumplimiento. Nuestras Divisiones de Productos y Servicios Analíticos están enfocados en mercados internacionales para clientes en más de 100 países en los siete continentes. Nuestra división de productos ofrece equipos de prueba de origen para monitoreo de la calidad del aire y agua y una variedad de aplicaciones de higiene industrial en todo el mundo. Nuestra división de servicios analíticos brinda a los clientes un único punto de contacto experto a una red de laboratorios internacionales para servicios de pruebas y muestreo. Eduwhere, nuestra división de capacitación en línea, atiende a clientes en los 50 estados, principalmente cubriendo cursos de salud y seguridad basados en cumplimiento. Capacitamos a una amplia base de clientes, incluyendo fabricantes, envíos, minería, universidades, personal de atención médica y militar, así como pequeñas empresas independientes.

Para consultas de los medios de comunicación o mas información sobre Keika Ventures, LLC, comuníquese con David Emmett al 919.246.4847 o david@keikaventures.com.

“Estoy encantado de unirme a Keika y contribuir a su misión de servir a nuestros clientes en la promoción de aire y agua limpios.”

Juan Catalán Robles

Another 1,000 Trees

We are pleased to honor our clients, vendors, consultants and employees by planting trees across the globe.  We are working with One Tree Planted again this year.

Trees are vital.  They help clean our air and water and provide habitat to an array of animals including over 80% of the world’s birds. In addition to absorbing harmful carbon from the atmosphere, forests are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.  And they are beautiful.  From afar they provide epic scenery and there is something eternally calming and relaxing from a simple walk in the woods.  We can’t think of a better way to honor our people.

We are supporting four projects this year. 

250 Trees in Appalachia, , where many of our employees spend countless hours enjoying nature.

250 Trees in Peru, home of some of our very first and oldest clients.

250 Trees in Vietnam is one of our fastest growing regions.

250 Trees in Indonesia is home to some of our newest clients.

Keika planted 1,000 trees in 2022!
One Tree Planted

Thanks for your association with Keika Ventures we appreciate you very much.

Merry Christmas 2022

All of us here at Keika Ventures would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and safe, peaceful and joyous New Year.

As has become our tradition we are again partnering with One Tree Planted to plant 1,000 trees in honor of our clients, colleagues, vendors and their families.  Thank you again for a great 2022.


Keika & Eduwhere Group Shot
The Keika & Eduwhere Group

Planting 1,000 Trees for the Future

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us, and as the new year approaches, we find ourselves in need of a bit of hope for the future. Towards that end and in honor to our loyal partners, clients, and employees, Keika has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees!

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

250 trees in Honduras
250 trees Brazil
250 trees in Vietnam
250 trees with US Forest Service

Keika planted 1,000 trees in 2020!

Sustainability is close to our hearts here at Keika Ventures, and we have committed $1,000 this holiday season to planting trees, allocated to the following locations: US National Forests, Honduras, Brazil, and Vietnam. At $1 per tree, this donation supports the planting of 1,000 trees. We are thrilled with this partnership and honored to be a part of this reforestation effort, and we hope that we can continue this new tradition in years to come. All of us here at Keika and Eduwhere wish you the happiest of holidays as we all look forward to the hope and promise of a New Year.

We are planting 1,000 trees in Honduras, Brazil, Vietnam, and the U.S.

To learn more about One Tree Planted, visit https://onetreeplanted.org

Analytical Services Surge

Here at Keika Ventures, we are proud of our international reach. We serve clients across the globe and, together with Eduwhere, on all seven continents. Keika’s analytical division, which provides amazing assistance with project planning, design, and execution, is working non-stop to help our clients with their complex analytical projects. In the third quarter of 2020 alone, our analytical team produced record activity and revenues in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iceland, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Singapore, Kenya, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Trinidad, Uruguay, and the United States. These are only a subset of the countries where we do business and have active projects, and we want to congratulate and thank our employees for their hard work and dedication.

Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iceland, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Singapore, Kenya, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Trinidad, Uruguay, and the United States.

3rd Quarter, 2020
Over 100 country flags spread over the world map.
Clients in over 100 countries spread across all 7 continents.

Analytical Services

Fluid Sample Collection at Hydrothermal Vents with Keika’s Kynar Bags

We love hearing stories from our clients, and we’re excited to be able to share a recent one with you! Researchers at the University of South Carolina are sampling fluids from Atlantic ocean hydrothermal vents, and they’ve used Keika Ventures’ Kynar® bags to do it. The researchers designed and assembled a water sampler, and sent Keika the required dimensions for their prototype bag. We worked with our vendor to create the bag according to specifications, and the experiment was a success. 

The water sampler was attached to a Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, and sent to the ocean floor to collect samples from several hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. They collected sixty-seven samples of pristine hydrothermal fluids into our 2-L Kynar bags and six into 11-L bags. 

The UofSC team followed this up with another excursion to hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Cayman Rise spreading center, including the deepest known “black smoker” vents at 5,000 m. The team returned with seventy-nine 2-L Kynar bags and twenty-one 9L Kynar bags of hydrothermal fluids.

Keika's Kynar Sample Bags
Keika’s Kynar Sample Bags full of Atlantic seawater.
Hydrothermal vent sampling location in Atlantic Ocean.
From R/V Atlantis voyage AT42-01: Filename: sulis_20180916182458.jpg
Required Credit: Courtesy of Susan Lang, U. of South Carolina/NSF/ROV Jason/2018 ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
“Black Smoker”
From R/V Atlantis voyage AT42-22: Filename: untitled.png
Required Credit: Courtesy of Jeff Seewald, WHOI/NSF, NASA/ROV Jason/2020 ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Kynar® bag filled with fluid sample. Success!
© Mitch Elend, U. Washington / Lost City 2018 Return / NSF / ROV Jason
Testing the sampler with cylinders and Keika’s Kynar® sampling bags.

The USC team is planning another excursion for more samples, and we are excited to hear the results! 
Keika Ventures is pleased to be able to offer Tedlar® and Kynar® bags in a range of sizes and specifications, including Poly 2-in-1, Jaco, and Roberts Valves. We offer some of our most popular standard sizing options, from 0.5L up to 25L, all the way up to 250L bags. If you have unique needs for your sampling methods, as the USC team did, we are happy to help coordinate with our suppliers and ensure that you get the custom bags that you need. Keika Ventures can provide bags made with alternative films for unusual projects, or specially located valve fittings and grommets.

PVDF (Tedlar® & Kynar®) Bag Sampling Solutions

KeikaVentures offers polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) bags in a wide variety of sizes and valve fittings. We can also custom make bags to fit any particular size or application needs and can customize the location of valve fittings and grommets.

Keika’s Tedlar & Kynar Solution Page

New Countries = New Map!

Over 100 countries spread across all 7 continents! Keika Ventures & Eduwhere have clients spread across the globe and we love sharing their country flags. We’ve been at this for over 19 years and the collection continues to grow. It’s been a while since we last updated our map (Russia!), so we’d like to welcome Oman, Belarus, Mozambique, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Malta.

We stopped counting at 100 countries. Honestly, I lose track when trying to count the flags… always feeling I’ve skipped one or double counted. I think we’re closing in on 120, but feel free to give it a try and let us know how many you count 🙂

Over 100 country flags spread over the world map.
Clients in over 100 countries spread across all 7 continents.

Environmental Equipment:

Analytical Services:

Online Compliance Training:

PVDF Sampling Bags in Antarctica

“A bag of ice to go, please.” We always enjoying hearing about the cool and unique situations our sampling bags (Kynar, Solef, and Tedlar) are used for. This specific case is especially cool. The Swedish icebreaker Oden was in Antarctica where our bags were used to study carbon dioxide in sea ice and snow.

Expedition team members from the icebreaker Oden use our Tedlar sampling bags to collect snow and ice samples in Antarctica.
Photo credit: Melissa Chierici & Agneta Fransson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Keika Ventures offers polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) bags in a wide variety of sizes and valve fittings, as well as completely custom sizes, materials, and fittings.

All of our available bags, whether Tedlar® or Kynar®, are made from a PVDF film that is tough, durable, and chemically inert to a wide range of compounds. Bags used in environmental applications typically have a 2 mil or 3 mil film thickness and are applicable for a wide temperature range (98-225 °F).

The bags have heat sealed, leak-proof seams and can be used to collect both liquid and air samples. This versatility allows the bags to be used for a variety of applications. Applications include: stack sampling, vent/flue sampling, soil gas sampling, TCLP extractions, calibration gas blending and preparation of standards, indoor air sampling, and ground water testing. For most applications, either Tedlar® or Kynar® should be suitable.

Old Client Map!

We’ve always enjoyed seeing how the reach of Eduwhere & Keika Ventures. So much so that we started keeping track of our clients on a map, with hopes of eventually collecting clients in every country. Yes, it’s a stretch, but it’s a goal. I recently ran across an old version of our map from 2009… over a decade ago!. Can you count the flags? (Hint: It’s a lot).

Old 2009 Client Map. Over a decade old, but still lots of flags.